In the Summer of 2016, the libraries had innumerable print pieces outlining various services and departments, many of which were created on a project-by-project basis in a variety of formats including trifolds, postcards, bookmarks, rack cards...the list goes on. The sum of many parts was not cohesive, and our standout print pieces were too densely packed with information to be willfully perused by the average undergrad.
The Marketing Director and I had a goal to create a system of printed materials that directed students to our website for in-depth information whenever possible. I dedicated a significant amount of time gathering, sorting, and distilling the existing information into targeted categories that would allow our users to take only the information that was relevant to their needs.
The cards have been well-received by our users and the array of materials are far more cost-effective than previous formats. Since their debut, this format has begun to be duplicated across campus by other colleges and departments.
"I was just admiring the media library's printed material, including the cards with rounded corners, which is consistent with the design I see on the screens in Willis. The library has got its design act together. It's youthful, tech-savvy, witty, unpretentious, friendly, and inviting. It has the same down-to-earth vibe as the house writing style at Cheers to the team responsible." - John Murphy, Professor & Division Chair of Jazz History, Analysis & Research Methods, University of North Texas.

Layout, design, and typesetting by Samantha Lawrence.
Photography by Joshua Sylve & Megan Gellner.
Some icons & illustrative elements by Kelsea Bauer & Farrah Yoo.
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